Our services

Our mission is not only limited to the development of your project, our target is also to become a benchmark for our Customers, advising on all the possible solutions to improve their business, offering a high-quality and direct service, giving support in the evolution of their image.

Website development

We develop professional websistes for individuals, companies and self-employed managers. The website design is set according to the Customer’s needs and to our advice. Customizable and intuitive, suitable for all those who have no informatics skills. Nowadays a website should be not only beautiful from a graphical point of view, indeed it must be perfectly displayed on any fixed or mobile device.

Layout design

We will design the layout of the image or brand of your company or business. The first goal for an emerging company is to stand out and to differentiate from its competitors. That’s why it is essential having a corporate image immediately coupled with the brand. Therefore, the layout design is the result of an accurate project on every single aspect, from colors, to symbols, to the logo.

Social Media Marketing

The Social Media Marketer aims to establish a point of contact with new customers, through a blog but first of all through the main Social Networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest, which are now widely used according to the business target in order to share information and news and to create interest towards products and services.

QR Catalog

The Best Way to Create Business easily and with simple technology

Catalogues: Use QR-Codes in your catalogues to give more information on your products.
Stands: Use QR-Codes in your stand to give to your customers more detailed information on your products.
Labels: Add QR-Codes on the labels of your products to supply after sale information or to promote related products.
Advertisement: Insert QR-Codes in your advertisements as a quick and easy way to get more information on your products.


What is a 360-degree picture?

A 360-degree picture gives a total vision of the room or environment that surrounds the viewer. This kind of photo is often referred to as "VR photograph", where VR stands for Virtual Reality. Cubic pictures usually allow to observe also the zenith and the nadir, in order to give a complete and spherical panning shot of the scene.


We analyze our Customers’ ideas to verify and grant the feasibility of the project.

First meeting

Our team, together with the Customer, draws up the project’s guidelines.


Our team, further to all the meetings with the Customer that are needed to the purpose, chooses the best and most suitable development techniques.

Design type

We design different prototypes or preliminary layouts in order to check their functionalities and effectiveness.


Our team draws up a functional and attractive layout to be applied to the project.

Final development

This last stage leads to the final draft of the project and to the online publication.