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Where using the QR-Codes


Use QR-Codes in your catalogues to give more information on your products.


Use QR-Codes in your stand to give to your customers more detailed information on your products.


Add QR-Codes on the labels of your products to supply after sale information or to promote related products.


Insert QR-Codes in your advertisements as a quick and easy way to get more information on your products.

Some examples?

Find the solution that is more suitable for you.


Use the QRcodes to expand your paper catalogues

With QR Catalog you can insert the QRcodes of your products in your catalogues and brochures and let your customers get additional information about them. This will allow you to update constantly the contents without incurring in printing expenses.


QR Catalog to promote your real estate business

You can use QR Catalog to show additional information and details on the properties on sale or for rent. You can add the QRcodes in your brochures or directly on the information panels displayed in your agency.


QR Catalog for the tags in your shop

You can use QR Catalog adding QRcodes in the description tags of the products displayed in your shop. Your customers, by simply using their own smartphone, can know all the details and characteristics of the product they are interested in. If you use the QRcodes in your shop window, you can supply up-to-date information on your products even during the closing time.


QR Catalog for the labels of your products

QR Catalog allows you to add a QRcode on the labels of your products. This way your customers can have directly at home always up-to-date information, directions or details of the products. Moreover, in addition to the purchased product, your customers may also have access to information on any other product of your catalogue.


QR Catalog for your flyers and visit cards

With QR Catalog you can insert a QRcode in your flyers, brochures and visit cards, this way whoever reads your advertisement or marketing material can connect to your products catalogue directly by smartphone.


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