What is a 360-degree picture?

A 360-degree picture gives a total vision of the room or environment that surrounds the viewer. This kind of photo is often referred to as "VR photograph", where VR stands for Virtual Reality. Cubic pictures usually allow to observe also the zenith and the nadir, in order to give a complete and spherical panning shot of the scene.

Why using 360-degree photographs?

To highlight all the details and to allow your customers to visit the place as if they were really there!

Scopes for 360-degree photographs

Hotels, agritourism, navigation and shipping industry, interior design and landscaping, cultural monuments (historical buildings, museums, etc.), constructions, real estate, events (concerts, sports, exhibitions, fairs, etc.), tourism, decor and furnishing, multimedia, cinema, science, journalism, transports (cars, buses, flights, etc.), business activities (shops, restaurants, etc.), shipbuilding industry, sport and leisure centres, art, environment, education.

Full service

We take care of it all, you do not need to do anything, we have all the necessary equipment and expertise, you just have to tell us what we have to photograph.

Easy to insert

Our pictures are easy to insert in any new or existing website.

Our service

Here is the service that we offer and how to upload in your website the 360-degree pictures that we took.

We take the pictures

With our equipment we take all the necessary pictures.


We elaborate the pictures to make them ready to be posted in your website.


We upload the pictures with all the relevant information and make them available in your website.

Quality control

We check the pictures' quality before uploading them in your website.


e customize our functionalities to make them graphically compatible with your website.

Publishing in the website

e supply you all the information and the codes to view the 360-degree pictures in your website.


  • € 50,00 + VAT per year
    Hosting photos
  • UNLIMITED Photos
  • Technical SUPPORT
  • Customized quotation  
    360° photo shooting
  • Photo shooting
  • Photo optimization
  • Photo uploading
  • Support for implementation into your website

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