Elettrograf S.r.l. is an Italian company manufacturing electronic devices for applications in the field of renewable energies and security. Their extensive experience is also focused on the design and production of electronic boards and devices tailored for customers in civil and industrial sectors.


MIA ENERGY is an electronic device that can be mounted on any new and existing pv plant up to 6 kW single-phase.


MFV08D is a failure detector for monitoring pv systems from 1 up to 20 kWp.


HELP is an anti-theft system for copper and aluminum cables, protecting the cables of concentration trunk of field panels, alarms manholes of cable pipelines and accesses to technical rooms.


AF300 is a modular fiber-optic anti-theft system for the protection of the pv modules installed on plants of any size.


APID is a high voltage generator developed for the restoration of pv modules with P.I.D., it is connected like a string of modules, thus is located in parallel to the strings to be regenerated.