The photovoltaic systems for illumination “Street-light 20/30/40” are technologically advanced and totally automatic.

This product is an ideal solution for the illumination of squares, roads and intersections, where the electric grid is not present in the immediate vicinity. This fact allows savings on the costs related to cable ducting, restoration, asphalting and crossing over the existent services.

The electrical energy produced during the day is stored in two batteries and can be used at night to power the lamp with high
light intensity.

Thanks to a smart function of the charge controller “PowerKey Light Control”, the starting duration and the light intensity of the system are managed automatically, depending on the night duration, the energy stored in the battery and its charge level. Such controlled management allows the extension of the average lifespan of the accumulators. Also, it is possible to set up other function modes.

The system is autonomous and ecological..It does not have operating costs or need maintenance. Being independent from the electrical grid, and thus not affected by black-outs, it is also suitable for safety measures.

The standard configuration of the “Street-light 20/30/40” is “pole-top batteries”. This means that batteries are included in a hot dip galvanized steel and varnished box, which was installed at the top of the pole.