Comfort & Energy Independence

Maxi Power Box is a complete kit with a portable solar generator including a PV panel, a fan, a television, two LED lights and even an adapter kit for phone charging.


It is the ideal solution for all the homes, campsites and even for small businesses where there is no connection to the electrical grid.


• 50 W polycrystalline PV module – 18 V, size: 670x530x30 mm, weight: 4.2 kg
• Lead Gel Battery 12 V-38 Ah

• DC-Television 15’’ – 12 V

• DC-Fan – 12 V

• Two 3 W LED lights each supplied with 3 m cable and switch button

• Battery case with 60 W Solar Charge Controller, size: 390x240x270 mm, weight 18 kg including batteries

• Two USB ports 5 V

• Phone charge adapters included

• Easy installation

• Warranty period: 12 months


In the equator areas the system has an autonomy of 2-3 days, if fully charged, using the television, the fan and the lights for 5 hours a day.