anti-theft for copper and aluminium cables
It protects the cables of concentration trunk of field panels, alarms manholes of cable pipelines and accesses to technical rooms.


Just type "Theft of Copper of Photovoltaic systems" on any search engine, to run into an endless list of articles documenting every day raids of this metal, also known as "red gold". The extensive damage caused by the theft of copper or aluminium conductors, it is necessary to add the costs of replacement and PV system downtime. The most affected are the trunks where the copper wires connect the photovoltaic field panels to the inverter input. They are copper cables with a section up to 300 mm2, where pass currents up to 200A and voltages of 900V.

The theft attempt of copper cables at night, when the photovoltaic system is not working, up to now it cannot be possible to report because in absence of voltage in the electrical lines, there was no way of noticing the cut down.


HELP is the 1st anti-theft in the World that offers total protection: of the electric cables in copper and aluminium, of the manholes of cable pipelines openings and of the technical areas. Taking advantage on innovative patented system, first it reports the opening attempt of the manholes and then, in case one of the cables of the trunk concentration strings is disconnected or truncated, the system will send an alarm.